To Start Using This App

Super easy!
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After you've downloaded the app, request your SkyPhone number.

When you tap "OK," the Keypad screen will be displayed.
The above screen is displayed at this time only.

Enter the other person's SkyPhone number in the Keypad screen. Tap Call Button to make a call.

Share your SkyPhone number with your friends!

Tap Contacts Button at the bottom of the screen to display the Contacts screen.

Tap your phone number in Contacts.

Enter your Profile and tap Share Button.

Tap the app icon you want to use to share your profile.
Note: Tap "More" and you can turn on/off display of each app in the sharing options.

Note: In order to make calls, both parties must use SkyPhone.
Note: You can call SkyPhone numbers only.

Answer Incoming Calls

The way to answer calls is different depending on type of device, OS version, condition of device or settings.

In iOS

For iOS 11 or later (and when the Integrated Calling setting is disabled.)

Receive Calls on the Lock Screen

In order to answer a call, slide to the right.
Note: If you set a passcode on the lock screen, you must unlock it.

If you can't answer a call, pop (press deeper.)

Receive Calls on the Home Screen

Tap a banner to answer calls.

If you can't answer a call, slide a banner down or pop (press deeper.)

In Android

For Android 8.0 or later

Notification setting: Show Banners Only

Select "Answer" or "Decline."

Notification setting: Show the Calling Screen

Select "Answer" or "Decline."

About Settings

Tap Settings Button at the bottom of the screen to display the Settings screen.

You can change ringtones, call sound quality and also turn on/off the keypad touch sound. 

About Call Sound Quality

If you select "Low," the sound quality deteriorates but interruptions will get less.

If you find calls interrupted, please try "Low" sound quality.

What You Can Do While Calling

The call quality is shown with the left indicator while calling.

Microphone Button
You can turn on/off Microphone.
Speaker Button
You can turn on/off Speaker.
Noise Cancel Button
You can turn on/off Noise Cancel.
Note: Switching Noise Cancel on/off is synchronized on the other end.
Volume Up Button
You can turn on/off Volume Up.
Note: When you turn it on, the volume is turned up during the current call only.
Note: The sound can get somewhat deteriorated.
video calling Button
You can turn on/off video calling.
Click here for details of the video calling.

If the sound quality is not good, there is a large delay or the call condition is not good, please switch communication means such as Wi-Fi.

Note: The sound quality depends on the performances of communication line and device both parties use.