How can I exchange the earned points?

You need to register how to exchange your points as follows.

  • Settings in SkyPhone > "Point-Paid Calls (for Masters)" > Tap "Exchange Points" and enter an address to receive the option you selected.

Note: You cannot exchange your earned points for Cash on some devices running Android 4.x.

Note: If you select Amazon Gift Card from the options, a confirmation email will be sent to you.You need to complete the confirmation procedure by clicking the URL included in the email. The confirmation email will expire in 24 hours after it is sent. If it is resent, only the latest one is valid and the previous one becomes invalid.

Note: Please enable your email setting to receive emails from us so that you can get the confirmation email. If you cannot receive the email, you cannot complete the registration for Amazon Gift Card reward.
- Our domain:
- Our email address:

Note: If you entered incorrect information in [Point Exchange]-[Point-Paid Calls (for Masters)], you cannot exchange your earned points correctly. Please click here for the details.

50% of your earned points balance can be exchanged for the option you selected.

e.g. If your earned points balance is 10,000 pts, you can get the option equivalent to 5,000 yen.

The closing date for calculating your earned points to be exchanged is the end of every month. At the end of every month, all of eligible earned points will be exchanged for the option a Master selected.
Only when your earned points balance*0.5 equals 5,000 or more, you can exchange the points. (If it's less than 5,000, the points will be carried over into the next month.)

Note: If the balance corresponds to more than 5,000 yen, all of the earned points will be exchanged for the option that a Master selected.

The fees that Masters need to pay when they exchange their earned points are the following (as of October 15, 2019.)

  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)
    Fees to purchase: 0.01 ~ 0.15% (unit: BTC)
    Fees to transfer: 0.0004 BTC
  • Amazon Gift Card
    Free of charge
  • Cash (Transfer to Bank account)
    Fees to transfer
    Less than 30,000 JPY : 176 JPY
    30,000 JPY or more : 275 JPY
  • Note: The bank account shall be limited to banks which have a branch in Japan.


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