What is the "Find someone to talk to"?

Masters and Users who have enabled this function can be matched to talk using a point-paid call.

Note: The function is supported in version 1.6.20 or later for iOS and 1.6.17 or later for Android.


A dice will appear on the keypad screen to select a Master at random who has enabled this function.
Note: If you tap the dice again, another Master will be selected at random.

  • Settings in SkyPhone > "Point-Paid Calls (for Users)" > Turn on [Find someone to talk to].
  • Masters

    Master profile and number will be disclosed to a User who has enabled the function and you can receive a call from him or her.
    Note: If you don't want to disclose your Master profile to Users, please turn off the function.

  • Settings in SkyPhone > "Point-Paid Calls (for Masters)" > Turn on [Find someone to talk to].
  • Categories

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