What is Point-Paid Calls?

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Point-Paid Calls is a new function added to SkyPhone, a high quality sound calling app. You can earn points by making SkyPhone voice and video calls.

If you want to get quick advice or talk to someone, become a User. If you want to help someone using your skills, become a Master.
Masters can set the point rate they earn per minute. Masters can then exchange the points for Bitcoin or Amazon.co.jp gift cards.
Registration fee is not charged.

Point-Paid Calls are available between the app users.

Note:  Point-Paid Calls are supported in version 1.6.10 or later for iOS and Android.

Settings for Point-Paid Calls

A Master who can earn the points and a User who pays the points to make a call have to complete the necessary settings before using the service.

Point-Paid Call (for Users)

In the Point-Paid Calls (for Users), you can charge (purchase) points necessary to make a point-paid call. You can purchase points in the "Point Charging" screen and the minimum point balance you can purchase is 120 points.

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Point-Paid Call (for Masters)

In the Point-Paid Calls (for Masters), you can get a Master number, set the point rate you earn as you like and switch the give/deny permission for incoming calls.

Note: You don't have to purchase points to become a Master.

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