Point-Paid Calls (for Users)

What is Point-Paid Calls?Point-Paid Calls (for Masters)

How to become a User

How to start using Point-Paid Call (for Users)

First, you need to agree to the Terms of Use and follow the instructions on the screen to start using the service.

Tap "Point-Paid Calls (for Users)" in the Settings.

Tap "Agree to the Terms of Use."

Tap "Yes" and start using the service.
Note: If you are under 18 years old, your guardian's consent is required.

About Point-Paid Call (for Users)

You can do the following.

  • Charge Points

    You can charge (purchase) points to make a point-paid call.
    Note: The points are only available for Point-Paid Calls (for Users).
    Click here for details of point charging.

  • Your Points

    You can see your points balance.

  • Point Charging History

    You can see your point charging (purchase) history.

To make a call

Outgoing Call Screen for Users

Enter a nine-digit Master number using the keypad and tap call button and the call confirmation screen will be displayed.

You can see the point rate deducted per minute, point balance, available duration time. You can make a call by tapping call button.

The points deducted in this call and available duration time will be displayed.
Note: If all of your points are deducted while calling, the call will be disconnected.

You can see the points deducted during a call in the History.

Tap the call history in the History screen to see the history info.

The points deducted in a point-paid call will be displayed in the history info.

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