Point-Paid Calls (for Users)

What is Point-Paid Calls?Point-Paid Calls (for Masters)

How to become a User

How to start using Point-Paid Call (for Users)

First, you need to agree to the Terms of Use and follow the instructions on the screen to start using the service.

Tap "Point-Paid Calls (for Users)" in the Settings.

Tap "Agree to the Terms of Use."

Tap "Yes" and start using the service.
Note: If you are under 18 years old, your guardian's consent is required.

About Point-Paid Call (for Users)

You can do the following.

  • Charge Points

    You can charge (purchase) points to make a point-paid call.
    Note: The points are only available for Point-Paid Calls (for Users).
    Click here for details of point charging.

  • Your Points

    You can see your points balance.

  • Point Charging History

    You can see your point charging (purchase) history.

  • Find someone to talk to

    Enable this function and then a Master's profile and number will be disclosed. You can then make a call to that Master if you like.
    Note: It is possible that profiles and numbers will not be displayed. The number of Masters you can find will depend on the number of Masters who have enabled this function.
    Note: The function is supported in version 1.6.20 or later for iOS and 1.6.17 or later for Android.

    Click here for details of Find someone to talk to.

  • When you turn on the Find someone to talk to

    A dice will appear on the keypad screen to select a Master at random who has enabled this function. A Master number will be displayed.
    Note: If you tap the dice again, another Master will be selected at random.

To make a call

Outgoing Call Screen for Users

Enter a nine-digit Master number using the keypad and tap call button and the call confirmation screen will be displayed.
Note: A dice will not appear when you turn off Find someone to talk to.

You can see the point rate deducted per minute, point balance, available duration time. You can make a call by tapping call button.

The points deducted in this call and available duration time will be displayed.
Note: If all of your points are deducted while calling, the call will be disconnected.

You can see the points deducted during a call in the History.

Tap the call history in the History screen to see the history info.

The points deducted in a point-paid call will be displayed in the history info.

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