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New Features in Version 1.3.2

New Features No.1

A URL scheme (skyphone:// - ) is available now!

You can make calls just by entering your SkyPhone number as follows in the source code of the Web page!

 <a href=”skyphone://SkyPhone number">Call me at this number!</a>


In iOS, you can include a URL scheme in not only emails created in Profile but any email messages. With the URL scheme, you can call the number just by tapping it.


Note: In order to make calls by tapping the URL, both parties must have installed SkyPhone on the devices.

New Features No.2

On Android devices, you can turn up the volume of the mic now!

If the other person often tells you that you sound quiet, it might be due to the devices both parties use. Turn on "Mic Boost" in the SkyPhone Settings and the other person will hear you easily. ("Mic Boost" turns up the volume of the sound collected with the built-in mic.)


Note: The sound quality can deteriorate.


SkyPhone is a simple, FREE voice call app with a high quality sound. If you have not used it yet, why don't you download it now and experience the sound?

FREE Voice Call App SkyPhone Download

FREE Voice Call App SkyPhone Download

FREE Voice Call App SkyPhone Download

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