No registration is required!

You don't have to enter your email address
or verify your number.
You can start using the app
right after you've downloaded it!
Besides, your address book data is never sent to the server.

Clear calls!

The voice on SkyPhone sounds
as clear as if you were talking in person.
Enjoy calling with a high quality sound
as long as you want for FREE.

Voice calls on SkyPhone are free!
Video calls are also free!

Talk to your loved ones
whenever you want using SkyPhone.

The Point-Paid Calls feature is available!

Become a User of Point-Paid Calls and find your favorite Masters (including counselors, fortune-tellers etc.) to talk to whenever you like.

Main functions of SkyPhone

  • High Quality SoundSkyPhone users can enjoy clear
    voice calls!

  • Number TransferYou can transfer your SkyPhone number to your new device.

  • Allow Contacts OnlyYou can block incoming calls from unregistered contacts.

  • Parental ControlsYou can lock specific functions to avoid misuse by children.

Other functions

  • Free video calls
  • Point-Paid Calls
  • Do Not Disturb
  • What's New function
  • Call history
  • Contacts
  • Noise Cancel
  • Mute and speaker function
  • Set your favorite ringtone