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[ Android ] Version 1.3.10 has been released.

[ Android ] Main Changes in Version 1.3.10 are the following.

  • Added support for deep links.
  • Fixed the problem in which the missed call badge count showed a wrong number.
  • Fixed the problem in which the calling screen didn't appear when a call was answered on the lock screen.

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What's deep link?
A deep link is a link directly to a specific location within the app.

Before this update, a web browser was launched first by tapping a URL (https://~) notified in the "I'll share my SkyPhone number with you." email message.

20160215_3_en_2After this update, you can select "Call" or "Add/Update Contact" on SkyPhone without launching a browser.

Note: If SkyPhone is not installed, clicking the URL (https://~) leads you to Play Store in the same way as before.

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What's fixed in the missed call badge count?
The badge count showed a number different from the actual number of missed calls. After this update, correct numbers are displayed.



SkyPhone is a simple, FREE voice call app with a high quality sound. If you have not used it yet, why don't you download it now and experience the sound?

FREE Voice Call App SkyPhone Download

FREE Voice Call App SkyPhone Download

FREE Voice Call App SkyPhone Download

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