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What is the "Integrated Calling" / "Integrated Call History" in iPhone?

In iOS 10.x.x, 11.x.x, or 12.x.x, you'll see the "Integrated Calling" and in iOS 13 or later, you'll see the "Integrated Call History."

  • In iOS 10.x.x, 11.x.x, or 12.x.x
  • If you turn on the "Integrated Calling," you can answer SkyPhone calls without unlocking the phone and make a return call to a SkyPhone number from the call history on your iPhone.
    Besides, SkyPhone call history is saved both on the app and the device. The app doesn't access any history info but SkyPhone call history.

  • In iOS 13 or later
  • You can answer an incoming call without unlocking the screen regardless of whether the "Integrated Call History" is ON or OFF.
    If you turn OFF the "Integrated Call History," SkyPhone call history will not be saved on the device.


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