To Start Using This App

Super easy! Try it out now!

After you've downloaded the app, request your SkyPhone number.

When you tap "OK," the Keypad screen will be displayed.

The screens to acquire your number appear at this time only.

Enter the other person's SkyPhone number in the Keypad screen. Tap Call button to make a call.

Share your SkyPhone number with your friends!

Tap Contacts at the bottom of the screen to display the Contacts screen.

Tap your phone number in Contacts.

Enter your Profile and tap share button.

Tap the app icon you want to use to share your profile.
Note: Tap "More" and you can turn on/off display of each app in the sharing options.

Note: SkyPhone calls are only available between SkyPhone users.
Note: You can call SkyPhone numbers only.


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