Video Call

To Make a Video Call

Video calls are only available between the users of this app.

Note: Video calls are supported in version 1.6.2 or later for iOS and version 1.6.6 or later for Android.

For your first video call, you have to turn on the video call in the app settings beforehand.

Tap Settings and turn on "Video Call."

Go to "Settings" on the device > "SkyPhone" > Allow the app to access the camera.

Note: Your caller must put the settings in the same way, too.

Make a Video Call

Tap Video button while on a call.

Tap Video button while on a call.

When you start a video call, you will see a preview of your video in the small window.

Note: You can switch back/front cameras by tapping the camera icon at the lower right of the circle preview window. Please note that the function may not be available due to your device model.

Note: The screen will be black and the waiting icon will be shown until your caller answers an alert message to confirm the video call initiation.

Your caller will see an alert message to confirm the video call initiation.

When your caller answers (No or Turn ON) to the message, the video call will start.

If you select "No" --> Your video will not be displayed to your caller and your caller's video will be displayed.
If you select "Turn ON" --> Both of you will see each other.

You can't change the Noise Cancel and Speaker settings while on a video call. The speaker is kept ON.

If you tap anywhere on the screen (except for buttons) while on a video call, your caller's video will be displayed at the full screen size.

Note 1: If you want to exit the full screen view, tap the screen again.
Note 2: If your caller switches on/off the microphone or camera while on a call with the full screen view, the full screen size will be cancelled.

The video quality is shown with the left indicator while video calling.


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